SLC-series eccentric disc pump

SLC series Mouvex pumps are made of ductile iron, making them more affordable and cost-effective option for indusrial / chemical applications compared to SLS series pumps.

SLC pumps provide solutions for air sensitive and shear sensitive products (up to 8m3/h) maximum pressure 16 bar.  This pump provides very high suction and discharge pressures, which allow it to self-prime and fully strip lines, maximizing product recovery.

SLC pump can run dry for up to 5 min, and the self-compensating eccentric disc principle provides consistent flow rates over a long period of time. The flow rate is extremely accurate even at low speeds.


  • Constant volumetric efficiency
  • Low shear rate
  • High vacuum & compression effect
  • Self priming
  • Dry running up to 10 minutes
  • Constant performance overtime
  • Shaft sealing by double stainless steel bellows
  • Easier and reduced maintenance
  • Reduced number of components