Radiant Ceramic Heaters

Radiant Ceramic Heaters

Gas fired high intensity radiant panel heaters (luminous heaters, ceramic heaters) produce heat from a compact heating surface, and are ideal for situations where wall or floor space is at a premium. Panel heaters are able to direct heat much more effectively than circular ‘patio’ type heaters and usually consume much less gas for the same ‘heating effect’. Fixed types are available for operation on Natural and/or LP gases. Portable heaters with heat output adjustmant are available in ‘Standard’ and ‘HeatGlo’ formats for LPG operation only.

  • Infrared rays produce heat within the objects they meet. They naturally heat the floor, machinery and occupants without wasting heat in the roof of the building.
  • Infrared rays concentrate heat where it is needed and propagate naturally in the chosen direction without losing energy during transmission.
  • Infrared heating is almost instantaneous, and therefore the ‘comfort level’ is reached very rapidly. As there are no moving parts it is silent and creates no draughts or dust movement.
  • Ceramic elements have the greatest capacity to transform energy into directional heat rays. The honeycomb pattern and outlets of each individual plaque keep combustion inside the ceramic material, increasing the surface temperature as well as the infrared heat emission.
  • Stainless steel fins stabilise post combustion, recover energy and further increase radiant output.
  • The stainless steel casing and reflector assemblies provide robust construction of the complete heater to allow for a long operating life.
  • The possibilities of partial heating, selection of temperatures by area and programming of operating times enable optimum energy usage.
  • For most commercial and industrial premises, the flexibility of radiant heaters brings optimum comfort to personnel with energy consumption considerably lower than any other form of heating.

Livestock Radiant Panel Heaters

SBM supply radiant panels for intensive livestock farming in both gas-fired [LPG] and electric versions. Gas fired units are available in ratings from 1.98 MJ/hr [0.55 kW] up to 31 MJ/hr [8.55 kW] and with options of manual or fully automatic

Wall Mounted or Suspended Radiant Panel Heaters

Reclaim your space back with wall mounted or suspended radiant panel heaters. Infrared heaters from SBM provide efficient heat without taking much space and energy, heating surfaces, and not volumes of air. SBM RI & XDI Series radiant panel heaters

Industrial Type Portable Infrared Heaters

Portable infrared radiant panel heaters from SBM are LPG fired heaters with ceramic heating elements. The GM series is best suited for operation in commercial and industrial premises. They can be used to heat warehouses, workshops, garages, autorepairs, and allow