Package Burners

Package Burners

Meeting the needs of today’s environmental agenda, we supply a range of gas, oil and dual fuel packaged burners from 15kW to 20MW for domestic, commercial, industrial and process applications. Acceptable fuels include traditional commercial gases and oils, including heavy fuel oil, together with the increasing availability of biofuels to improve environmental performance.

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Dual Fuel Burners

For critical processes, downtime caused by disruption of a fuel supply is not permitted. Dual fuel burners allow switching to an alternative fuel to avoid a costly shutdown.

Gas Burners

We have been a leading supplier of packaged gas burners for many years. We offer the Nu-Way brand in sizes from 400 kW to 20 mW. The Bentone range of Sweden from small domestic sizes of 20 kW to industrial burners of 2500 kW.

Oil Burners

We are a leading supplier of packaged oil burners for boilers, dryers, spray booths and other applications. Burners specifically configured for light oil /diesel, heavy fuel oils. A wide range of sizes from domestic 25 kW to industrial 18 mW.