Oil-Free Gas Compressors

Oil-Free Gas Compressors

Blackmer oil-free gas compressors are reciprocating piston compressors, delivering high efficiency in handling propane, butane, anhydrous ammonia, carbon dioxide, natural gas, and other industrial gases. Models available with capacities from 7 to 125 CFM with working pressures up to 2931 kPa.

Equipped with high efficiency valves, ductile iron pistons, self-adjusting piston rod seals and other robust features, these single or two- stage, reciprocating compressors are designed to provide maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service conditions.

LB series LPG Compressors

Blackmer oil-free gas compressors deliver high efficiency in handling propane, butane, anhydrous ammonia and other liquefied gases. They are ideal for rail car unloading and vapor recovery applications. The single-stage, reciprocating compressors are designed to give maximum performance and reliability under the most severe service

HD series gas compressors for unload / vapour recovery

Blackmer process compressors provide efficient and quiet delivery of oil-free gas or air. These heavy-duty single and two-stage stationary compressors combine advanced design technology and state of the art materials to give maximum performance with minimum maintenance. Single-Stage & Two-Stage Models Single-stage models are available in