We offer Red Seal Measurement (Neptune) metering equipment for petroleum and LPG requirements and also for metering sanitary / hygenic products, such as cosmetics, food and beverage.

A complete range of Tuthill Meters for metering broad range of liquids, from aviation fuels, lubricants and automotive liquids to wine, syrups, paint and chemicals is also available.

Mass Flow

Mass flowmeters use the Coriolis principle to obtain a direct mass measurement. First introduced in 1978, mass flow meters are an established technology in process industries. Coriolis meters are highly accurate. They reduce lost product, lost time, and lost money.

Oval Gear

Oval gear meters are presented by TM, TN and TS series, and are used for metering fuels, lubricants, oils, industrial fluids. Oval gear operating principle. The oval measuring chamber contains two oval gears. Each gear is centered on a horizontal


The dependable and accurate Neptune oscillating piston design has long been the meter of choice for refined fuel delivery. The straightforward operating principle requires few moving parts and results in a robust and durable mechanism. Combined with the E4000 electronic