Low Intensity Gas Tube

Low Intensity Gas Tube

Gas fired low intensity radiant tube heaters produce infrared radiant heat from a large surface (tube) area, and are ideal for situations where there is ample wall or ceiling / roof space. Radiant tube heaters are available for operation on Natural and/or LP gases and supplied in straight, ‘U’ shape or ‘double ended’ DL patterns.

  • Infrared rays produce heat within the objects they meet. They naturally heat the floor, machinery and occupants without wasting heat in the roof of the building.
  • Infrared rays concentrate heat where it is needed and propagate naturally in the chosen direction without losing energy during transmission.
  • Infrared heating is almost instantaneous, and therefore the ‘comfort level’ is reached very rapidly. As there are no moving parts it is silent and creates no draughts or dust movement.
  • Internal turbolators (swirlers) extract the maximum heat from the combustion process before the end of the tubing set.
  • The possibilities of partial heating, selection of temperatures by area and programming of operating times enable optimum energy usage.
  • For most commercial and industrial premises, the flexibility of radiant heaters brings optimum comfort to personnel with energy consumption considerably lower than any other form of heating.
  • For greenhouses, barns and farms the infrared heat brings comfort to animals, dry heat to the plants, and energy savings.

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Low Intensity Radiant Tube Heating

low intensity unitary radiant tube heaters help provide comfort, while facilitating reduced energy consuption. The sun does not heat the earth's atmosphere directly; rather its radiant rays heat the earth, people and objects. Radiant heaters work in a similar way