Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Hydraulic oil coolers are designed to cool hydraulic oil on a bobtail LPG truck. Compact and lightweight, they are designed to save space on a truck and to decrease loading and unloading times.

Hydraflow series hydraulic cooler from Paragon integrates 3 functions: oil tank, oil cooler and security relief valve.

Constructed from stainless steel materials, they withstand the harsh environmental and operation conditions. The light weight cooler with a small hydraulic oil reservoir reduces the concern and hazard of costly spills.
The easy to read restriction gauge mounted on the front of the Hydraulic cooler indicates when the spin-on oil filter should be replaced. Normal hydraulic oil maintenance is made easy with the reservoir drain on the Hydraflow tank.
  • Chemical transports
  • CO2 delivery trucks
  • Crude oil transports
  • Food transports
  • LP gas transports / bobtails
  • Lube trucks
  • Maintenance trucks
  • Water trucks
  • Bulk feed
  • Utility and agriculture equipment
  • Vacuum trucks

Hydraulic oil cooler Hydraflow

HydraFlow hydraulic oil cooler from Paragon (USA) features unique downward facing fan, which results in quieter operation. Hydraflow is designed and assembled as a compete, easy to install package. Benefits: Maximum efficiency from hydraulic fan system Minimize filter damage with