Our blower range includes gas boosters, turbo blowers and positive displacement blowers.

The Roots product range includes 2 and 3 lobe blowers designed for top performance and low maintenance.

Turbo blowers are high speed blowers changing the wastewater treatment industry with considerable innovations, offering energy savings and low maintenance costs, allowing for higher speeds compared to roots style blowers.

The Secomak range of centrifugal fans, blowers and exhausters offer high performance units that are both flexible and compact. These heavy-duty, high-quality units are suitable for a variety of industrial applications which include: drying, cooling, air-knife applications, heating, cleaning, pneumatic, conveying, aeration, fluidising, air-sampling, extracting, combustion air, vacuum lifting and holding.

Gas Boosters

Gas Boosters are designed to raise the pressure of gas supplies to provide sufficient combustion or use smaller sizes for pipe work, valves etc. Based upon centrifugal fan designs they give high performance from a small physical size. They occupy

HV Fans (Blowers)

Secomak blowers are specially designed to suit Air Knfe applications. The Secomak range of high velocity fans is designed to provide low volume, high pressure air flow up to 48 in.wg at 900m³/hr. Each model has variations for higher pressure or volume

Positive Displacement (Roots Style)

Quality Roots Style Blowers and Packages for Sale in Australia We’re in the business of selling high-performing, durable roots style blower packages to customers across Australia. We pride ourselves on equipping businesses with equipment that lasts at an affordable cost.

Turbo Blower

Our Turbo Blower model provides the best efficiency through the use of a high-speed motor, air-bearings,and a powerful centrifugal design.