Air Knives

Air Knives

Air knives provide a continuous sheet of high velocity air to strip moisture and debris.  Numerous applications include drying of bottles, cans, sachets, steel products, removing excess food toppings and other quality enhancements such as smoothing chocolate toppings.

A range of centrifugal blowers precisely matched to the air knives’ requirements is available as are all accessories including hoses, splitters and mounting brackets.  Complete enclosures, which reduce noise and eliminate spray, are also available and custom systems can be engineered.  Refer to the HV fans (blowers) section of this website for further information on the blowers.

Also in the air knife family are circular air knives for drying rods, cables, tubes and extrusions.  Power nozzles are the solution where a stream of high velocity air is required for removing moisture from difficult surfaces such as the concave underside of cylinders. Compressed air knifes are an option for smaller applications with compressed air readily available.

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Modular air knife drying system

Modular air knife drying systems from Secomak are designed to fit over a clients own conveyor and guide system. They are used by food and beverage manufacturers to solve diverse drying problems, such as drying for date coding, label application, final

Power Nozzle

Secomak’s power nozzles are designed to complement the existing range of airknives. The Power Nozzle is powered by low pressure, high velocity air from Secomak’s range of fans and blowers, and is ideal for stripping liquids and particulate matter from a variety of surfaces. The

Compressed Air Knife

Compressed air knives, nozzles and fans are ideal for drying, cleaning, cooling, ventilating or extracting in all kinds of process, food and manufacturing applications. They use a small volume of compressed air and are quiet and affordable.

Linear Air Knives

The Secomak air knife is the most efficient method of removing or controlling unwanted or foreign substances on any surface. Versatile in applications, they are able to remove broken glass from the conveyor lines, or drying and cooling delicate glassine paper. They are powerful