Air Heating

Air Heating

Airheating is used in many thermal process applications and involves the elevating of temperature of a moving air stream. Hurll Nu-Way offers a comprehensive range of gas fired burners (natural gas, LPG, butane)
specifically designed for airheating. Suitable for in-duct mounting, they can be supplied as burner head only, through to fully packaged in a duct section with gas train and controls.

Nu-Way Energystream (ES) Airheat burner

The Energystream is a versatile, gas-fired airheat burner in modular configuration , featuring: - a high output per linear length which is industry leading:  300 kW per 152 mm (1mmBTU/ 6") - high turndown of 30:1. - high temperature resistance:  400

Lanemark-Midco HMA2A airheating burner

Designed for high efficiency direct-fired airheating with high turndown and low emissions. Suited to once-through systems where air for combustion is a portion of the process air flow in the duct.  Features:- modular sections which can be combined into straight, H ,