Air Heating and Cooling

Air Heating and Cooling

Heat Pumps

Variable-speed, high efficiency and a colour touchscreen make CTC GSi 12 and CTC EcoAir 510M two of the best heat pumps in their class. When you choose a heat pump from CTC, you are also choosing a professional installation and


HVLS or high-volume low-speed fans are used in industrial and commercial premises, moving large amounts of air. This is the most efficient type of fans. HVLS fans can be used on their own or in combination with existing heating or

Indirect air heaters

The Combat range of indirect air heaters includes Warm Air Furnaces, ranging from 24 up to 400 MJ output, and Cabinet Heaters, ranging from 160 up to 1000 MJ. Appliances are either fan assisted [Furnaces] or forced draft [Cabinet]. A