Product Range

Industrial and Process Heating

Package Burners

Meeting the needs of today’s environmental agenda, we supply a range of gas, oil and dual fuel packaged burners from 15kW to 20MW for domestic, commercial, industrial and process applications. Acceptable fuels include traditional commercial gases and oils, including heavy

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Process Burners

Need to reduce emissions and energy used for process heating while increasing productivity at an energy-intensive plant? Selecting a combustion system that will suit the particular requirements of an application? Our specialists are here to look at your processes and

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Mechanical Equipment

Air Knives

Air knives provide a continuous sheet of high velocity air to strip moisture and debris.  Numerous applications include drying of bottles, cans, sachets, steel products, removing excess food toppings and other quality enhancements such as smoothing chocolate toppings. A range

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Our blower range includes gas boosters, turbo blowers and positive displacement blowers. The Roots product range includes 2 and 3 lobe blowers designed for top performance and low maintenance. Turbo blowers are high speed blowers changing the wastewater treatment industry

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Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Hydraulic oil coolers are designed to cool hydraulic oil on a bobtail LPG truck. Compact and lightweight, they are designed to save space on a truck and to decrease loading and unloading times. Hydraflow series hydraulic cooler from Paragon integrates

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We offer Red Seal Measurement (Neptune) metering equipment for petroleum and LPG requirements and also for metering sanitary / hygenic products, such as cosmetics, food and beverage. A complete range of Tuthill Meters for metering broad range of liquids, from aviation fuels, lubricants and

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The diversity of technologies underlies the versatility of applications offered by the pumps supplied by HNW, including, but not limited to bulk handling, fuel transfer, transport, heavy duty liquids and sanitary applications. Equipment we offer pumps petroleum, LPG, liquid CO2,

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Thermal Comfort and HVAC

Commercial Hot Water Boilers

Hot water boilers are used for hydronic heating and hot water as well as for process applications, such as cleaning, rinsing and washing. A range of high efficiency commercial hot water boilers is available, including condensing boiler, cast iron boilers and solid fuel boilers.

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Radiant Infrared Heating

Radiant heating is the energy efficient way to heat large open indoor areas such as factories, warehouses, aircraft hangers, school multi-purpose halls and other commercial and industrial buildings. In addition, you can increase your outdoor season and enhance the design

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