Aeration is the core application for most water treatment processes for Rivers, Ponds, Wastewater Treatment to Aquaculture. It keeps water bodies clean by introducing oxygen into water to promote aerobic biodegradation of any organic pollutants by microbes that flourish in aerated water. A microscale aeration application is seen in a fish tank or backyard pond cleaning device that circulates air within the water. Aeration as important in larger bodies of water, particularly in wastewater treatment plants, because it helps to reduce the amount of organic matter in the water. It is the environmental friendly application of wastewater treatment. In recent year the trend toward finding smart and energy efficient aeration solutions has gained significant interest on the market. It is important to keep energy consumption at low levels and still produce efficient aeration. Hurll Nu-Way offers a range of equipment to help minimise energy consumption and optimise efficient aeration. Talk with our experts to find out how much energy consumption we can help you save.